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Birdy's Coffee House

About us

We’ve spent years building our nest in the Libertyville community, cooking our dishes at The Green Room, but to be honest, it's not about us, it's ABOUT YOU.

WE see you and strive to give you what you want. We’ve created all kinds of treats for specific birds of a feather...

We see what we call the Crossed Satchel Early Bird, always starting their day with the splendid aroma of Kindly roasted and brewed primo beans.

Other Sightings include the Migratory Morning Birds, usually facing the same direction and dreaming of flying away, free to enjoy a European pastry and perfect cappuccino.

. . . The White-Breasted Whiffer expertly sniffing out the best bacon and baked goods around for miles. (or in the lands)

. . . The Burly Bellied Biscuit Bird piling his food in heaps. Bottomless pit to be filled with the wonders of warm biscuits and homemade gravy, or ready to sample a bit of everything.

… We can’t forget the Black Legging Twig Pecker always in search of a good dose of fruit and nuts and healthy fare.

… The Birds on a Wireless - a working bird, multitasking work, play and good conversation in a warm and inviting setting.

… The Wild haired Snap chatter sharing our deliciously instagramable breakfast sandwiches and twittering about our super smoothies.

Last but not least, we often spot the Supersede Grab and goer, deftly able to find good, healthy food on the fly.